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Simeone Foundation - September 23, 2017

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Web Photo Gallery By WLH

The pictures at the above link start with many of the cars in the museum section
and each cars has an information plaque in front of the car.  The picture of each
car is proceeded by a picture of the plaque.  You might notice that many of those
picture are taken at an angle or tilted.  This was intentional to try as best as I
could to avoid light reflection which would have made the text unreadable.

Also the pictures towards the end starting on page 8 image # 95 are pictures taken
outside on their mini-track where they drive a small selection of these cars.  One of
cars driven on this day was 1937 BMW 328.  In the near future I will post a short video
of the start-up and driving of this BMW and few of the other cars as well.
The Picture Below is a Hi-Res Panorama Shots
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5 Winners

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